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24/7 tournament

INGATO is an online tournaments platform which holds 24/7 video games tournaments. Registering in our tournaments you will forget about waiting, because tournaments start every second. INGATO’s unique ranking system divides the teams according to the players’ skills, which makes the game process more interesting and enjoyable. You just need to click on “Register” button and there starts the most interesting and spectacular game!

Wide range of prizes

In order to make our players time on INGATO more enjoyable we give them real opportunity to participate in tournaments and win many valuable Gifts and Prizes. And there is absolutely no charge to participate in our tournaments. 3125 prizes have already found their owners.

Create clans playing as a team

If you think your clan is strong enough to beat at least another clan, INGATO is definitely for you. Here you can be the witness of the most spectacular and tense ClanWars games between the clans from different countries of the world. You can always find a clan that will doubt your strength and try to beat you!

Signs with players make friends

Playing with friends makes the playtime more spectacular and interesting. On INGATO you not only get the opportunity of taking part in interesting competitions together with your friends, but also to win prizes and to share the moments of joy with your friends. The players who don't have friends on INGATO, have a great chance to make friends from different parts of the world and take part in the competitions with them.